Vitali Klitschko

Vitali Klitschko – Head of Kyiv City State Administration. MP and leader of the party „UDAR” in 2012-2014. Advisor to the President of Ukraine in 2006-2008.

We need know-how, new technologies, new examples and experience of European countries. And it is this kind of help we need.
Now, more than 80% of the Ukrainian population support the policy of integration with the EU. We know what we want – we want peace, we want clear European rules, and we want to build a life in Ukraine by in accordance with European standards.
We’re talking about decentralization. Well, it is possible to talk, but we never had federalization in Ukraine, and thus it is an artificial topic. That is why the revolution took place, because the society realized that if we do not sign the Association Agreement, we will stay far away from our dreams. We want to live according to European standards, without dictatorship. Citizens on the Maidan very clearly expressed their opinion: European reforms are the main requirement of the Ukrainians. Very important and very difficult tasks are on the agenda regarding economic and political reform.
I am ready to cooperate with all of you personally and to be an advocate of foreign companies and foreign contracts in Ukraine. Our goal is, and it is a complicated goal, but we can handle it, our goal is a strong, successful, attractive, modern Ukraine, a European Ukraine. We want to create such a Ukraine, and we will succeed, I am convinced of this. We are fighting for our dreams. We are fighting for our country. We fight for a better future. We fight for the dream to become a member of the European family.