Yuriy Boyko

Yuriy Boyko – Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine (2006-2007, 2010), Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine (2010-2012), Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine (2012-2014).

It is very important for the Europeans to understand what is happening in Ukraine at the moment and what caused this crisis, the biggest crisis since World War II. It is important to understand the whole picture. I recently came back from the Lugansk region, where I met people whose whole world had disappeared. They lost their apartments, their cities were destroyed.
We can not change our neighbors. But we have yet to decide how we want to live with them in the future. Many people, 300 thousand people who lost their jobs, it’s not only them, but also their families – this is a big problem for the economy.
Traitor number 1 is our government that nothing realized from what they promised us during the Maidan. Hence, we must still demand them to carry out all that they promised us, that they realize all this, and that they will give us back a normal life in the country.